Insumate is a floor insulation supporting tray for use in both retrofit and newbuild projects. It is intended to replace the traditional nails, batons, boards and nets currently used. The manufacturers of Insumate are looking for partners, developers and contractors, to use the product in pilot newbuild projects and monitor the energy savings made.

The conventional way to lay insulation, for example under a floor, is to lay nets across floor joists and pack insulation between them. The nets are required to hold the insulation in place and prevent it from falling though the space between joists. This method is time consuming and often leads to ineffective insulation when the material becomes compressed.

Another conventional method of laying insulation is to support the insulation on lats, which are screwed to opposing surfaces on floor joists. Again, attaching the lats can be time consuming and ineffective, as it is possible for the insulation to fall between the floor joists.

Insumate resolves these issues and is compatible with all common types of insulation used within suspended timber ground and upper floor constructions. It is a polypropylene tray, which is supplied with 50mm diameter holes punched through allowing the insulation material to be correctly ventilated. The product can also be readily cut to allow for the chasing through of services such as water pipes and electrical cables.

If you are interested in trialling Insumate in your newbuild project, please visit the website for further information.

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