DECC has announced increases to the money-off vouchers available under the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP). The extra money is intended to cover the cost of a Green Deal assessment, which is now an obligatory part of RHPP, as well as paying towards installation of the renewable technologies.

The funding available now is £2,300 for ground source heat pumps (up from £1,250), £2,000 for biomass boilers (up from £950), £1,300 for air source heat pumps (up from £850) and £600 for solar thermal systems (up from £300).

The RHPP scheme, first launched in July 2011, is designed to encourage householders to switch to renewable heat from traditional heating systems by offering money off the cost of the equipment. The scheme is targeted at those living off the gas grid. It was extended in March this year until the end of March 2014 ahead of the launch of a domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

Alongside changes to the voucher values, householders will now be required to undertake a Green Deal assessment before submitting a claim to the Energy Saving Trust to redeem their voucher. The increased voucher values and Green Deal assessment requirement will kick in for any applications submitted today onwards.

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