One of Europe’s largest dairy companies, Arla Foods, has carried out lighting refurbishment projects at its Oakthorpe and Hatfield sites in the UK. The work included converting almost all of the light fittings at both sites with Vita Energia’s technology for saving energy. It also improved the quality of light in many areas.

It is estimated that a reduction of around 700 tonnes of CO 2 emissions will be achieved, saving approximately £100,000 in electricity bills and 1.4million kWh in total power reduction every year. The project will pay for itself in saving in 10 months.

After an audit at Arla Foods’ Oakthorpe site it became clear that an ideal place to start reducing the energy bill was the lighting. Some areas were over-illuminated while other areas were dimly lit, and one area that was hardly ever accessed, was lit up around the clock. Engineers installed low-energy fittings and movement detection sensors.

Bill Dickson, project manager at Arla Foods, commented: “We are extremely aware of the environmental implications of running a large company, and our corporate energy saving plan dictates a reduction of 3% of energy consumption year-on-year. This lighting energy-efficiency project is helping us reach that target, and what’s more, it has created a better working environment across the two sites. We discovered that lighting is an ideal first place to look when trying to make energy reduction savings.”

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